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Workshop: Teaching Interpretation

This practical workshop, moderated in English, is designed for instructors of interpretation wishing to enhance their teaching skills and share teaching strategies.

After reviewing the multiple component skill sets required to perform interpretation successfully, we will consider how they might best be taught throughout the curriculum. Typical incoming student profiles and career objectives, as well as local market needs will necessarily be part of this discussion.

Together, as time permits, we will compare instructional design options (syllabi and lesson plans), exchange ideas on learner-centered class formats and materials selection, focus on the transition to note-taking for consecutive interpretation and split attention for simultaneous interpretation, discuss effective ways of offering feedback and encouraging peer practice.

Moderator: Jacolyn Harmer, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (Estados Unidos)

Fechas: 25 y 26 de enero de 2018
Hora: 9:00 a 12:00
Lugar: Laboratorio H-14, UPC Campus Monterrico

Capacidad limitada
El taller no tiene costo alguno. El requisito único es ser docente universitario de interpretación.

Inscripciones: Para inscripciones, ponerse en contacto con Iván Villanueva ( 

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