Postgrado Por superupc - Miércoles 13 de diciembre del 2017

Leveraging Creativity and Innovation to Drive Organizational Performance

Within the launch of the Executive MBA presented by UPC Graduate School and Fox School of Business, we invite you to participate on the webinar that will help you consider what it means to be a creative problem-solving leader, and teach you how to create an effective process for driving creativity and innovation. It will also provide you with tools and strategies that can help you, as a professional, to be more effective in each phase of the creative problem-solving process.

We all face an innovation imperative: innovate or die. Companies know that if they don’t invest in strategies and people that help foster continual renewal, their futures can be quite grim. Creativity can be a source of innovation, which fuels our ability to be competitive both on a corporate level and on a personal one and ultimately drives performance.  

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