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UPC English teacher to be part of Teacher Research Programme by Cambridge

Marjorie Hernandez, part time professor for the School of Professional Translation and Interpreting at UPC, is going to take part in the Teacher Research Programme by Cambridge University Press. Her research project was selected among 80 good applications from 36 countries around the world and it is one of the five projects that Cambridge University Press will provide some support to in 2014.

Marjorie’s project will focus on providing a series of proven effective tasks that will enhance students’ learning process through technology while avoiding time consuming activities that might be appealing but ineffective in terms of language acquisition. These tasks will be carefully designed and standardized through rubrics, and will count on technological tools such as IPad, e-portfolios, podcasts, blogs and videos among others. 
We believe that Marjorie’s project will be of great interest to other English teachers around the Laureate net as it will provide with clear data about different language learning activities delivered through a virtual tool or environment.

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