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Postula a los cursos de corta duración dirigido a alumnos de ingeniería en Italia. Building tomorrow society:IoT applications & data management ; NanoElectronics & Photonics.

Nano-electronics, Photonics, and More than Moore technologies such as MEMS are three of nowadays “Key Enabling Technologies”. The Summer School aims at providing an introduction to micro&nano devices and photonics, with a hands-on approach that alternates lectures and experimental activities. The applicative focus will be mainly on the uses of these technologies in pervasive sensing, one of the pillars to enable “smart” applications, such as structural health monitoring, condition based maintenance, home automation...During the week, and students will be involved in the characterization of micro&nano devices and in the design and realization of an all-optical ­be held sensor. All the activities will be held in English.

Building tomorrow society:NanoElectronics & Photonics

Internet of things, smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, big data… these increasingly popular words describe the future ahead of us. All these application domains require handling an incredible amount of data and interacting with an incredible amount of devices (sensors and actuators), with sufficient intelligence and power to select information and actions relevant to the end-user. The Summer School introduces the fundamental aspects of the new breed of smart applications, and will cover their full design cycle: distributed wireless sensors, data sensing, data transmission, and collection and management, intelligent behaviors, data visualization and user interaction. The teaching approach will be practical, with theoretical lectures intertwined with hands-on experimental activities. Students will develop simple Smart Environment applications. All the activities will be held in English. 

Building tomorrow society:IoT applications & data management


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